We successfully adopted the above puppy from Peggy on April 15, 2003.  Everyone in our family couldn’t be more pleased.  Dulcie has fit right in with us.  We have 4 kids so Dulcie gets plenty of love. We have received many compliments from friends and strangers of how pretty Dulcie is.   Even our vet stated the she is a beautiful West Highland Terrier.


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Westie puppies are born with floppy ears. Slowly but surely they will perk up!

We love to play outside, grab a toy and lets go! We’re playful but not too aggressive, and we get along with other dogs too! we will make an excellent pet for Families.

This is what your puppy will look like at 6 weeks old.

About the Breed

“Smart, confident, and always entertaining at play, the adorable West Highland White Terrier (Westie, for short) has charmed owners for over 300 years. This diminutive but sturdy earthdog is among the most popular of the small terriers.
Standing 10 to 11 inches at the shoulder, with dark piercing eyes, compact body, and a carrot-shaped tail wagging with delight, the Westie’s looks are irresistible. Beneath the plush-toy exterior, though, is a true working terrier of gameness and courage. Bred to hunt rats and other underground rodents, Westies are surprisingly strong and tough. The all-white double coat is hard to the touch, not soft and fluffy. Alert and active, Westies exhibit traits of a plucky and self-reliant ratting terrier: They require no pampering, they will chase after anything that moves, and their independence can make training a challenge. But, thanks to their faithfulness and keen intelligence, Westies will train nicely with time and patience.”

– American Kennel Club

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