Frankie – Cavachon

Hello Mr Martin! We finally made it home last night around 10:30p. Frankie did great the whole way! She didn’t cry last night at all. She’s a real little champ!!!! I love her so much! Tracey

Granddaughters Playing with Bichon Puppies

Below are pictures of my granddaughters playing with puppies we have had in the past. We see to it that the puppies get plenty of “play-time” everyday. These are pictures of my granddaughter who is now a Freshman in college and her dog Prissy they won their local dog show in 2002. (You could say…

Past Westie Puppies

Award Winning Pups

The picture on the right won PET OF THE YEAR in the spring of 2003. The picture on the left won PET OF THE MONTH in September of 2017 with a clip of the article that was written about the Knoll family. Katy is a Westie purchased from us.  Congratulations, Katy!!  We are proud of…