This is by far the best little Bichon we have ever
had!!!! (We are a little biased!)   She belongs to
Lizbeth, our grandaughter!!  These are some pictures
of her and Prissy in the local 4H Animal Show.  She
won first place!  She really strutted her stuff and
won the crowd and judges over!  When it was
Prissy's turn to go to the judges, she did the normal
little bichon buzz and couldn't get enough petting!  
Liz was so excited when she won.  Prissy is the love
of her life and Lizbeth of Prissy's!  Way to go Prissy
and Liz!!
To Peggy Martin,    I just wanted to know how much we love our Ruby.   In just two weeks  
She and Pearl are already close friends. Pearl goes to Ruby's crate in the morning and get so
excited until I open the door.   This is a little "story" that I sent to all of our friends and family,
along with the accompanying picture.   Thank you Peggy for picking such a wonderful puppy for
us.    We feel so blessed to have so much love from these two Bichon's.  
This is PJ after his first haircut.  
He belongs to M. Blessing.
He is an absolutely wonderful dog we would not know what to
do without.  He is an important member of our family!  He
makes my husband and I smile everyday.  We named him Puff
and he certainly lives up to his name!  When he goes to the
groomers, he has the run of the place.  Thanks to your family
for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives.
K and K Ashy
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the time you
spent with us when we came to pick up our new puppy. (shown
left).  I was very concerned about choosing the right dog for our
family, and using the right breeder (avoiding a puppy mill).  You
truly made the process easy for us.  It is obvious that you have
been running a ranch for 40 years, and that you genuinely care
about the animals you work with.  I was also impressed by the
fact that you really have a feel for each puppies personality traits,
ecspecially since they are only eight weeks old and they all looked
alike to me.
We have gotten two other dogs from breeders in the past.  
Neither of those breeders were willing to show us where the
puppies were raised, or the method they used to potty train the
dogs.  Your dog runs aren't fancy, but I really like the fact they
are very clean, air conditioned and heated.  All the puppies seemed
to be energetic and happy.  We also noticed a number of "retired"
friendly dogs wandering around and it was comforting to know
that you do not put a dog "down" just because he has gotten
older.  You obviously love and care about all the animals you
work with.
Thanks again for all your help.  We love our new puppy!  The
kids named him Buddy because he will always be their special pal!

Sue        Austin, TX
These puppies are the greatest things in our lives.  We
enjoyed getting these puppies from Peggy and going
to the ranch.  Peggy helped me pick out my bichon to
fit my personality.  Regina didn't and her puppy is a
little mischevious (puppy on the left)!!  Thanks for
this great puppies!
Charlene and Regina
These puppies were purchased by two friends after
seeing one of our Bichons at the groomers.
This maybe over-kill but I really wanted you to see how much Ramses
has grown and how much we love our addition to the family.  My husband
and I adore our puppy and hope that everyone has an experience like
Raquel C. Mungia
Carole Malone
Thought I would send you a pic of "Max".  He is absolutely
precious and spoiled rotten.  He sleeps with me at nite and we
only had one accident. He got his last series of shots Friday
and weighed in at 5.8 lbs.  Clay,.his brother, and Max go
together to get their shots.  I kept both last Sunday afternoon
for about 5 hours.  They played til they were exhausted and
my house was totaled!
Christmas 2005
from Rowdy
and Tyler
Hi Peggy!
Here's our darling at 3 months!!  He got his first haircut. I actually
bought a video on grooming a bichon, and since I can cut hair I
thought I'd do it myself. He looks quite good actually! He is so
and sooooo good!  He weighs 6 lbs. 13 oz. (at 8 weeks he was 4
His vet is opposed to neutering him till he's 6 months old, says he
won't have the muscle growth he needs as a male dog... what does
vet think of that?

Here's Rowdy waiting for his treat!!!  I love the intensity in his
eyes and body. He always sits and waits, don't even have to ask
him to
sit anymore.
We love our new
puppies!!  They both
love us and love
playing together!
We are enjoying our little Pearl.  She has
developed quite a personality.  Margverite
Check out the following website
for bichon products.  Betty has
two of my bichons and the
pictures are of Rowdy and
Jimmy & Coralea are
the proud parents of
Vanna and Colonel
Nick.  They adopted
both puppies from
the ranch.  Click on
the link to the left to
watch their slide
Puff (on the left) is nearly seven years old and
Pete (nearly three years old) is on the right with
our daughter, Olivia, in the middle.  Both of
these wonderful pets came from your ranch
and we are so thankful for them!  My daughter
loves them so much and they are SO good
with her.  They are very patient and love to
play with her.  Thank you again for enriching
our lives with these wonderful dogs!  We can't
imagine our lives without them.

Sincerely,K, K, and O Ashy  TX
The picture on the right is an update to the one above it.  
Both Ruby and Pearl were
purchased from us.  Linda
was to have "first choice"
but was on vacation so
had "second choice".  
This story is told by Ruby!
Peggy,Joe and I were very impressed with your facility when we picked up our pup.  
When it was time to take her for her next scheduled shot, the vet asked where we got
her.  He said he has seen several of your puppies and was very impressed....what a
compliment to you !  I hate to tell you this, but when we decided our pup need a little
sister, we checked around for something a little cheaper.  Well, we saw some very
un-sanitary conditions.  Our feet stuck to the floor at one place.  We decided that it
was well worth a little more to get a healthy dog.  We also appreciate what you do
with the puppies to get them ready for a new home.  Thank you for our little "Izzy",
and we look forward to picking up a "little sister" for her. J and A Loosier
Georgetown, Texas
Hi Peggy -

I thought you would enjoy this picture of
two of your dogs....Beau and Biscuit.  
Beau was adopted from you 2 years ago
by my sister's in-laws, O. and R. Kyle
who live in Arkansas.  And Biscuit is the
puppy I got from you in October.  They
finally got to meet over the Christmas
holiday and seem to like each other.  
Happy New Year!

Katie  age 6 months Oct.  
19th, 2011 gets her daily
TV fix.  She loves
watching tv, going for
walks, and acts as a
demolition crew getting
rid of everything not put
away properly.  Thank
you Peggy for bring
Katie to me for me.  She
is a such a great pup.   
Mickey Mathis  
Brownwood, TX
Dear Peggy,
I just wanted to send some pictures of Charlie to
you. We purchased our beautiful bichon from you in
July and we are so happy with him. Charlie has the
best personality. He loves everybody. We take him
to my mother-in-law's nursing home almost everyday
and the patients just love him.     Thanks and Merry
Hi Peggy -  This is my
"Cubby" at 3 mos.   He's
on my bed where he
sleeps every night.  lol!  
He's a little stinker and I
love him so-oo  much.  
Marilyn K.
Meet Beau & Kirby. Beau is pictured in the front
and Kirby is pictured behind Beau.
Beau is in front and Kirby is behind him in the bed. Kirby has
more apricot color than Beau. They are 14 wks in this photo and
still trying to figure out what they had just experienced: a true "spa
day" with bath, nails trimmed, and first "haircut!"  We can now
see their beautiful round black eyes and they can see where they
are going!

Have a blessed day!
Hello, my name
is  Izzy
Puff , Olivia, and Pete.
Meet Ruthie and Missy
This is Ramse, talk about being adorable
Heres Ooh & Buddy Blue
Meet Max
Ethan & " Louis"
Meet Pearl and her family
Meet Beau & Biscuit
"Maggie" with her new Mama Beverly
Here's "Cubby"
Pictured below is a bichon we have sold in the past,
and seems to be enjoying his new home, family and
Mac enjoying his wagon ride
Mac enjoying pool time
Hi Peggy,
I hope this email finds both you and Sammy well and continuing on easily through the summer!  

The new additions to our lives are wonderful!!!  I just cannot express in words how much it has
done for the twins in their relationship with each other and their level of responsibility!  There is
something new everyday that they take on or notice and it is wonderful!

Ellie is wonderful as well!  She had made me more mobile which is both painful and good for me at
the same time!  Her disposition is distinctly Bichon and so, so calm and funny at the same time!  She
warms my heart and my husband's, the secret "animal whisperer" as well. Although there will never
be another "perfect dog" like Andre' she is well on her way!

Thank you so much for blessing our lives with these sweet additions!  They are indeed a treasure!

Bonnie and Ellie
Hi Peggy-

I just wanted to send you a picture of our
precious little guy- we named him Boone. He is
full of personality and is quite a little monkey (he
has managed to escape every exercise pen set up
thus far).  We love him so much. He is beyond
spoiled with 3 different beds, 20+ toys and 3 of
his own blankets. I have attached a picture for
you to see :)

I hope you are doing well.

Ally Buckminster
You might want babies, he's gorgeous...still beautiful and amazing,
glad we got two, they are spoiled rotten.
It's a tough life for these guys...their names are Grace and Gunner-
Grace and Gunner
This picture of Teddy Bear was his first day in Austin. We'll send more as
we get them. He now weighs 5lbs. ,6oz. Thank you again from the bottom of
our hearts. Wayne & Katherine
Hi Peggy,
Just wanted to send you a picture of our precious Gigi, now 2 yrs. old, and to tell you how
much we love her!  Her mother is Peggy's Honey Babe and her father is OK Little Boy.  Our
thanks to you, Helen & Hector Janse

Would love it if you put her on your website! She is not only extremely affectionate but also
very smart!  She delights us every day!
Meet Gigi
Teddy Bear
Grace and Gunner