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Letter from the Owners

Dear Future Puppy Owner,

      We strive to do everything we can to provide you with a healthy, happy, well adjusted, highly socialized puppy.  Every puppy in our kennel is picked up and played with at least twice a day by an adult (not including the time the kids spend with each puppy).  Our puppies are raised in big pens under a unique system that makes our puppies easy to house train if you follow our instructions.  When our puppies are six weeks old and weaned from their mother, we put an OPEN crate in the pen along with lots of toys and teddy bears.(One of these is sent home with each puppy).  They are also introduced to the reward system.

      They recieve a sweet treat for doing what we request.  Since we do spend 7 days a week with our puppies, we learn of their different personalities.  We “color code” each puppy by it’s personality.  We know which puppies are more aggressive or more laid back.  We also mark ones that roll easy and settle down more quickly.  This helps us relate the personality of each puppy to his new parents and family.  We also strongly suggest that your puppy be neutered.

        We are happy for you to come to the ranch to pick out your puppy and see the parents. However, we also know the daily hustle and bustle of life.  We will be happy to meet you with a puppy half way up to 2 hours from Mason free of charge.  Anything over that, we charge a nominal fee. We take special care of our babies and want to make sure they will have a happy home once they leave us, therefore we do not do email.  We only reserve puppies after speaking to you on the phone..

Please feel free to give us a call if you are interested in having one of our babies join your family.

Sammy Martin

License #393

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