You called????  I'm sleeping!
Peggy,This is Bonny as
we entered Alaska on
June 24.  
We had a wonderful trip.
Bonny is doing great!!!
Here is the picture I took of my
daughter with the puppy.  We are
looking forward to bringing him
home soon.  How is he doing?
Thanks, Belinda Dukes
We introduced Fred to Lisa's Italian Mastiff, Sophia,  this morning.  She is very
gentle with puppies.  You can see from the photos who will OBVIOUSLY rule
when they are together!
We love our Shelby and are doing all we can to make her
feel at home.  Thank you for such a very sweet baby!!  
The kids still stay penned up in the house, (large pen in the family room, small pen in
the bedroom, small pen in my hobby room, and medium sized pen on the patio--pens
all over the place!)  But in the evening when Tom and I can both keep watch over
everybody, we put them in the grass to play.  It is working out excellent with Gandy,
as you can see.  We did exactly as you said--he was curious and watched them in the
pens and sniffed them, etc.  We wondered how it would go when we set them loose
outside, and it went perfect.  They ran around and played.  They chased Gandy and
he chased them.  When he caught up with them, they just lay down and he stopped
immediately.  Definitely playing "tag" as they are all supposed to.  It is a joy to
watch.  I'm so happy.  
White board did nothing special, but what seems to be working is the fake grass on
the trays set up.  They pee and poop on the fake grass nearly all the time with
occasional mistakes.  I recommend that as working the best.  Except now Poppy
seems to want to chew up and spit out the "grass".  We may need to find a source
for astroturf by the yard.
Meet Buddy & Max
Hi Peggy

I wanted to let you know that our Veterinarian at the Comal Animal Clinic where
we are taking our new puppy “Charlie” was very impressed with your records. His
checkup went really well! Charlie is on his new puppy wellness checkups for the next
months and also we start puppy obedience school this week. What a joy it’s been
having him in our home his is doing great with potty training, loves to chew
everything, play outside in his doggie run! Thank you so much for letting us bring
him to our home in New Braunfels!
We will keep you posted on his progress!

Denise P.
Here are a few photos of Mac enjoying his first snow. He has started tunneling
into some of the snow mounds so I am really looking forward to seeing what he
does when it gets a little deeper. Training is going well and he picks things up very
quickly. He is enjoying it here and we are definitely enjoying having him around. I
will send more photos when I can get him and his brother together playing in the
snow.   Greg
We successfully adopted the above puppy
from Peggy on April 15, 2003.  Everyone
in our family couldn't be more pleased.  
Dulcie has fit right in with us.  We have 4
kids so Dulcie gets plenty of love.  We
have received many compliments from
friends and strangers of how pretty Dulci
is.  Even our vet stated the she is a
beautiful West Highland Terrier.

Forsythe Family
We have so enjoyed our little Westie Girl these past two years.  Her name is Piper. A few years
ago we saw a very nice Westie in Durango, CO and they told us that he came from a breeder in
Mason, TX.  A little search on
line led us to Bichonsandwestiesrus.com and finally a trip to Mason and to Hungry Hollow
where Peggy had five little cuties at four weeks old.  We observed them for some time and
narrowed our choice down to two little
girls.  We then got a tour of the barn where each dog family had their own area and access to an
outside run.  We also saw the outdoor runs where there were a large number of dogs, including
quite a number who were
rescued and lovingly cared for.  At eight weeks we returned to choose number 308 who became
Piper and thus
began a very interesting and entertaining chapter in our life.  Piper rode home to Tucson and
was very well behaved all the way.  She slept in a  crate but during the day she roamed the
motor home and explored every
hidey hole, nook and cranny.  In four days she had memorized the whole place. We got the
folding wire playpen and used the green potty pads for training.  The wire play pen is the very
best investment ever.  She still
sleeps in it and seems to trust it as her refuge.  Along about bed time  she trots into her pen and
settles herself for the night.  We also use it  in the daytime when we have to go to town.  We
move it out to the living
room by the windows, put in a bed, her food and water, a couple toys and  she jumps right in
and is content for six or seven hours.

She is a playful pup and loves company and often follows us around or just comes and hangs
out at our feet.  She is a serious watch dog and hunter  and she spends hours guarding her yard
from bunnies, ground squirrels and
lizards.  She gets really upset with the Ravens, the Road Runner and the  Coyotes.  She barks so
loudly that they quickly flee the area.  Then she  sits in the shade of the tree and keeps watching
for the next intruder.  

When she is hungry she sits in a particular corner of the kitchen and  watches expectantly.  She
also loves to hang out by the pantry because she knows there are some good puppy snacks in
there.  Her favorite is the
Gooberlicious peanut butter bones by Bil  Jac.  In the morning she gets a  couple tablespoons of
yogurt and a yogurt dental chew which she really  loves.  These ar Fido Belly Bones, full of
yogurt and probiotics and Piper
really loves them.  Her basic diet is a salmon formula from Blue  Wilderness so she is a very
healthy puppy with lots of energy and no  allergies.  We have had so much fun, amusement and
amazement with her.  She has
certainly been a blessing to us and to all our family and neighbors.  Don and Marilyn
This is Charlie,
he lives in
New Braunfels,Tx
The following pictures are of Mac who currently lives in Alaska. His owners who are in
the Military flew in from Alaska to meet him. Mac's owner sent pictures of him to their
neighbor and the neighbor also bought a puppy. At a later date when Mac and the
neighbors puppy were ready to go home, Mac's owner returned to Texas. Mac and the
neighbors puppy both flew home to Alaska on the plane sitting under Mac's owners
seat.  We do not ship puppies out of the state of Texas but you are welcome to buy one
of our puppies and we will meet you at an airport and there you and your new puppy
may fly back home together inside the plane. We do not allow any puppy we sell to fly
cargo,Thank You.
Hello, my name is Chloe.
Hi Peggy.  We got Chloe
from you in February and
wanted to let you know that
she is doing great.  She is
full of energy and so much
fun to have around.  She
has learned to sit for a
treat.  We are really loving
hanving her as part of our
Debra Lenard
Happy Easter 2014
Hi Peggy!! It's me Lexi!! Rebecca and Darren's new baby female Westie!!

I'm doing great here in San Antonio :D

My ears popped up right when I turned 9 weeks.

My mommy and daddy are super happy to have me and I'm SUPER spoiled.

Here are a couple of family photos from
Easter :D
Happy Easter 2014
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2014 7:00 PM
To: Peggy Martin
Subject: Piper in Green Valley

Here is our funny friend Piper.   
She has certainly been an entertaining girl.
Peggy we also have a 6 week old Great-Grand daughter that is named Piper Jean.
Thank you Don and Marilyn
Piper in Green Valley
Hi from Mimi Rosenthal and Regina and Dan Hudson.

We love our boys.  And we are so grateful to both of you for giving them
such a lovely start in life.
Their names are Max (on the left) and Monty (on the right) and they are
adorable, affectionate, wonderful Westies.  
Each has his own personality and each is quite unique.  

The day we took the photograph they had just been groomed.  From this
photo you would never
know how much they like to dig holes and put their noses in the dirt and
walk in the mud.  
We put a little baby pool for them on the deck in the summer heat.  Monty
has learned that he can
put his nose in the shallow water and blow bubbles.  Not a day goes by that
they don’t give us
something to laugh about.

We hope you are both well and continue to breed many more happy puppies.
You have made us very happy.

Thank you again.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 23, 2019
Max and Monty
Updated January 27, 2020
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