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Price per puppy
$1200 + $87
(sales tax*).
Puppies from the past
We health guarantee your puppy to your vet, if for
any reason your vet doesn't feel this is a wonderful,
healthy, happy puppy you may return it for a full
refund. A note from our vet saying that your
puppy is healthy.  Your puppy has had all but 1 of it's
puppy shots, we send detailed health records for
your vet. Your puppy has been vet checked multiple
times by my vet..

A Micro-Chip Enrollment form.  Your puppy has already
been micro-chipped, We give you the paperwork to
override us in the computer and it is extremely
important for you to send in your paper work.

A bag of Chicken and Rice all natural blend puppy food
is sent home with your puppy. We strongly suggest you
stay on an all natural chicken and rice based food.

Some old toys and blankets. We recommend that you
keep the blankets and toys that have gone home with
your puppy for 2-3 days and slowly introduce your
puppy to new blankets and toys. The reason that we
give the old toys is because a puppy is just like a child.
You wouldn't send a child somewhere without their
blanket or toys. Having a familiar smell will be comforting
and will help them to settle in and not be so stressed.
You will also receive a 3 page guide on puppy care.
Here are some pictures on how we suggest to
successfully potty train your dog.  An exercise
pen and a crate put together make a wonderful
temporary living environment for your puppy
while you are away at work.  
NEVER use just
the crate for more than an hour.  Attach the crate
to the pen using zip ties.  Fill the crate with the
puppy's blankets, toys, etc.  Just outside the crate
door, put the food and water. We use a board to
seperate between "home" and "potty" area.  This
is the way the puppies are raised starting at 4
weeks so they are already using this set up.  The
puppy will go over the board to potty so you can
line that side of the pen with paper if you would
like.  On pretty days, our puppies are put in a pen
that allows them to go in and out using a dog
door.  Dog doors are by far the best way to house
train your puppies but they are not always
feasible so the above method will work as well.  
Just like a baby, it takes patience and
consistency. Although, we have started them on
the right path by using the methods above.  
These are pictures of one of my
granddaughters training a
puppy to come using "puppy
ice cream",which is natural flavored
yogurt. The puppies
love it and it is very healthy for
them. In a study we did with the
animal behavior scientist at Texas
A&M, they said that puppies at 8
weeks old only can comprehend
reward and punishment for
something they did about 8
seconds before and after it
occured. That's why we love
using the puppy yogurt,
it's something they can taste right
away. Anyone, including
children, can train puppies.
You just have to be very
persistent and always reward
them for good actions.
Good morning to Peggy (and other friends) from dulce.  She wants you to know
she is happy and making friends.  I want you to know that I could have sold her 3
times.  Will be sending you info from someone I "met" yesterday.  Every time I go
out someone stops to ask about her.  Do you have any business cards I can hand
out for you?
Can't get ths food in Abilene.  Taking suggestions for another very healthy food.
Love this stubborn wee dulce.  Teresia

Good morning Peggy.  The wee dulce is growing everyday and learning way more
than I want her to learn.  I’m taking her to training once a week.  She is such a busy
little Westie.  
Progress so far:  “let’s go” – walks beside me
Housetraining – 90%.  She has an accident once or twice a week.  SOO great.  
She sleeps ALL night long.
Eating – eating and snacking well.
Socializaing perfectly.  She spent 2 days with a 3 year old and they loved each
other.  They each had their rules, but no one got bit or hit.  We never let him chase
her.  We let her chase him!
Dulce draws many admirers!
Will send more pictures soon!  J   love from Teresia and Dulce
Let me introduce Dulce to you. She is a beautiful
Westie.  She is lucky to have an owner as wonderful
and caring as Teresia.  
This is what you get with your new baby!
This is a westie puppy we sold in
the past.  Scroll down to see our
new litter of westies.
Be sure to go to the bottom of the Potty Training
page to read very important information on why
its best to potty train as we describe.
Updated March 18, 2021
Westies puppies are born with floppy ears. Slowly but surely they will perk up!

We love to play outside, grab a toy and lets go! We're playful but not too aggressive,
and we get along with other dogs too! we will make an excellent pet for Families
This is what your puppy will look like
at 6 weeks old.
* We are registered by the
state of Texas and go through
regular inspections. This is
why we charge a sales tax on
our puppies.
Below are some pictures from
past puppies
used with permission of Inside Circle
Katy is a Westie purchased
from us.  Congratulations,
Katy!!  We are proud of
you!!  Katy's article will be
posted soon along with other
pictures.  Thanks
The pictures below are two westies who have won awards. They
have truly proved they are really great friends.er
The picture on the left won PET OF THE YEAR in the
spring of 2003. The picture on the right won PET OF THE
MONTH in September of 2017 with a clip of the article that
was written about the Knoll family.
used with permission of Canyon Lake Living
There is a new family member named
"Cooper" who is adorable, fun and quite the
love bug. After the loss of their other two dogs,
Ed and Sandy just had to have another fur
baby to share their love with. I know "Cooper"
will be loved for many years to come; she is a
little heart breaker already! Make sure you
check her out as our Pet of the Month!
Thank you, Ed & Sandy, for being so generous
with your time, sharing your story with us, and
allowing us to witness determination at its
finest. In fact, the Knoll's family motto is all
about the togetherness of their family and the
determination to beat the odds even with a
serious health issue. Not only are the delightful,
down to earth folks but also just the kind of
neighbor everyone desires next door!
  • This sweet boy loves to give you a reason to smile. If he senses that you are
    down about something, he will give you kisses until you smile and laugh. Once
    he has made you smile or laugh, then he is ready to play. He would make the
    perfect gift for anyone in the family.
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