Whether you buy a puppy from us or from someone else, the most important thing to
consider is the health of the puppy.  We take great pride in raising happy, healthy
puppies and adults.  We do NOT keep any dog regardless of age in any type of cage or
in an enclosed environment.  Dogs raised inside and in small confined areas experience
many respiratory problems.  All of our adult dogs are either outside with insulated dog
houses in big runs or as with our bichons, they have inside/outside runs.  Please be very
careful when purchasing  your puppy with regards to his/her health.  Due to the various
diseases that could be transmitted to our animals, Dr. Cordes does not allow anyone in
the kennel area.  

All of our puppies come with a vet guarantee.  If for any reason your veterinarian does
not think your puppy is in good health, simply return the puppy with the statement
including in your paperwork for a full refund.

All puppies have received the following before going to their new home:

Neopar (parvo) at 4wks
(Click here for more information on Neopar)
Puppy Shot at 6wks
Puppy Shot at 8 wks
Puppy shot includes:  Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Coronavirus,
Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus

Puppies are wormed with Pancur for the first 4 weeks then with Strongid the last four

Your puppy will need another Puppy shot after being taken home.  We will provide you
with the date the shot needs to be given when the puppy is delivered.
Our vet, Dr. Cordes came out to the ranch to
microchip and examine all of our puppies. He
brought his granddaughter with him and she
loved the puppies. She was on her grandpa's
hip all day and had a fun day at the ranch!
Richard visits the kennel at least twice a
month for vet checks.
I could tell you many great stories of why I believe Richard Cordes is a
great Vet, but instead I will tell you of one of many very important
I had a family who were interested in one of my puppies for their
wonderful young boy. The family decided to buy 2 puppies instead of
one as one of the puppies would belong to their child. It had been
about 3-4 weeks after the family bought their puppies and took them
home.  I received a phone call regarding one of their puppies. The little
puppy that the family had purchased for the wonderful young boy had
become ill almost over night. The family had taken the puppy to many
vets and after 5 days of Vet checks the family had a vet bill exceeding
$1000.00. The Vets had ruled out parvo but just had no idea what it
could be. The Vets had decided that it was best to euthanize the
puppy.   The family was very upset because their son had bonded
beautifully with the puppy and they were not willing to do this and
further more how would they explain this to their son. They contacted
me and wanted to know if I could get my Vet to euthanize their son's
puppy. This was not something I even wanted to consider. I had the
family meet me with the puppy and from their hands to mine the puppy
went straight to my Vet Richard Cordes. I explained everything to my
vet and he said he wasn't sure what he could do but he do his best.
Richard Cordes worked on the puppy every way possible. Three weeks
later the puppy was healthy again and reunited with the little boy, that
had missed him so much. Come to find out the family had a pond in
their back yard with standing water,and as Richard kept in contact with
myself and the family he soon diagnosed the puppy with having lepto.
Richard is the kind of vet that thinks out of the box and had he not
done so this puppy would not be alive and the child would be sad. This
is why I believe Richard is a great vet because he will go above and
beyond and think out of the box to get answers to complicated
questions. Iam thankful I have Richard Cordes as my vet.