We work really hard and we do special things to help you're puppy in potty
training, and if you will follow our instructions this will make potty training easier
for everyone involved. Please take time to read the letter posted below of a very
happy woman who did as we suggested where her puppies potty training was
We start housebreaking our puppies when they come out of the whelping box around 4 weeks.  Wild dogs do
not go to the bathroom in their den so we follow nature and teach our puppies not to go in the area of the
pen with their blankets, food and water.   The mother dog goes to the back of the pen and puppies follow her
from a very early age.  In nature, dogs go to the bathroom where some other dog has already gone so
puppies will naturally go where their mom has previously been.

When the puppies are weaned, around 6 weeks, we set up their new homes. We make a very distinct "home"
area with their blanket, water, and food, and a very distinct "potty" area, a blank space.  When the puppy
comes to your home, you can put any of the following in that space: piddle pad, litter box, green pad,
newspaper, etc. While still at the ranch, they are also put in a pen where they learn to go outside through a
dog door into a long dirt pen where they can play and then -by nature- go as far away from their house as
they can to go potty.

If you are not a stay at home mom/dad, crate training is very hard to do because a small puppy can only hold
it for so long and will go in the crate if left for several hours. That is why we recommend a 8 sided wire pen
(shown above in several configurations). You can use this pen during the day and when you are not
available to watch them closely. One of the ways we recommend using your pen...... When you can see the
puppy, close the bathroom door by pushing the pen closed over the potty area. (top right picture). Then
when you notice they need to potty, immediately take them outside then praise and reward them with a treat.  
When you have to leave them in the pen or are unable to watch them closely, leave the pen open (as in all
the other pictures) and they will go in the area you have designated away from their "home".  
This is a Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty.  We have had a lot of people calling and asking about this so we tried
it and think it works really well!  I like that we can just wash it off and reuse it.  The puppies seem to take to it
pretty fast and can not pick it up and try and play with it like they do a piddle pad or newspaper.  The last 2
pictures show the pad inside a tray that is available. The pad is very similar to the material used on putting
Dear Peggy,

Aubrey our female Cavachon had her vet check with our vet today and passed with flying colors!  (We
knew she would!)  

I just wanted to let you know that Aubrey has adjusted to her new home and family so well!  We are so
happy to have her!  You know how cute she is, but we are most impressed with how smart she is!  We
can tell that the work that you did with her has got her started on some great training!

When we brought her home we immediately took her outside to go to the bathroom where we want her to
go and she went almost right away!  She got her treat of “puppy ice cream” and has been going to the
bathroom outside ever since then (with the exception of 2 accidents- those were probably my fault for not
taking her out after she had been out and about for more than an hour).  She has figured out the back
door the backyard where we want her to go and will actually go to the door and scratch to go out and
whine when she needs to go!  We are so impressed that an 8 week old puppy is able to do this after only
being home with us for 4 days!  We know that she is not completely housebroken and it will be a while
before we can leave her out of her pen without constant supervision, but she is well on her way!  We are
planning on taking the pottypad out of her pen in the next day or so.  We are so pleased that the training
you suggested is working so well.  You may remember that when we first spoke about getting a puppy, I
wanted to “crate train” her as this is what we had done with our last dog.  You convinced me to do it your
way as this is how the puppies were started with their training and boy are we glad we listened!  It would
have been like starting from scratch if we had done crate training.  With the continuation of what you had
already started, things are moving along quickly!  Thank you!

I also wanted to thank you for starting her on her basic commands!  She is doing very well (when she is
not doing her crazy puppy time) with her basic commands!  I am attaching a video of her completing her
commands with me on day 3 at our home!  I can’t believe that a puppy can follow these basic commands
at 8 weeks!  This video is not a fluke either, she was doing this on day 2 with us, I just didn’t believe that
she really knew all of this, so didn’t try to video until she could repeat it on day 3!  I am glad you started
her with basic commands as well as hand signals as we feel it is very important to teach hand signals.  
Our last dog became completely deaf the last 3 years of his life and having him already know hand
signals saved us!  Even though he couldn’t hear a thing, he still understood what we wanted from him with
the hand signals!

Thank you again for our wonderful puppy!  Our entire family is so pleased and so in love with her!  We
are looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with her!

At this time we are unable to publish Aubrey's video to our site but please feel
free to enjoy her pictures below.