Deposit Policy

We do have a deposit policy that is 100% refundable. We take a
deposit because if we don't we would have a long list of people just
looking at puppies and asking us to put them on a waiting list and
then forget to call back when they have made other arrangements.  
By sending in a deposit this reminds you to give us a call regarding
you're spot in line for a puppy. The deposit holds you're puppy for
you. If you decide you do not want a puppy before their leaving
date you may call us and we will either send you back you're check
or tear it up, the choice is up to you. WE DO NOT CASH YOU'RE
DEPOSIT CHECK. When you come to get you're puppy we hand
you you're deposit check and you can wright us a new check for the
total amount of the puppy. If for any reason you or I feel this puppy
is not for you WE both have the right to refuse sale or purchase of
puppy. The deposit fee is $200 and is 100% refundable. You can
not send me a deposit until our puppies are on the website and we
have spoken to each other on the phone. Thank You Peggy Martin