He is fabulous!!  I was going to email you today
so I'm glad you wrote.  The last two days have
been a whirlwind.  The kids were absolutely
shocked.  It took a minute for it to sink in that the
dog was
really theirs! Everyone just loves Murphy.  He is
doing great.  He
wouldn't eat much at all the first couple of days.  
I was getting worried
but Chris said it was probably due to all the
changes.  He got up this
morning and ate a good breakfast so I'm feeling
a lot better about it.
He really seems to be getting used to us.  He's
as sweet as you said.  We
love him very much! The kids are so sweet with
him.  He curls up in their
laps and they just melt! I'm attaching some
photos for you as promised and  we'll be in
This was a while back, because these were
some of the toys you sent home and they still
looked in good condition! :)
This is Maggie's big sister, Molly.  They
share their bed.  Maggie is trying to
take over the alpha position.

Just thought I would send you a note, with a couple of pictures of our new puppy,
“Harriet.”  She has fit right in with my family, and is extremely well natured, smart
and adorable.  

Thanks again,

Here is a few pictures of the kids with Jasper and
Romeo. We really are in love with them and are very
grateful to have them in our home.. Thanks Michelle
Jasper and Romeo
Hello Peggy,
We purchased a little Cavalier King Charles girl from you this past weekend.  My daughter, Allie, is the
one who babysat to earn money for her puppy.  I have attached a couple of photos of Allie and her
new best friend “Dottie”.  
Little Dottie is adorable and we love having her in our home.
Sharon P.
Thought I would share a couple of pictures of Harriet and Callie.  They both
are doing well, and definitely enjoy each other's company.
Hope all is well,
Hi!  Remember the New Braunfels couple that adopted a beautiful Cavalier girl from you?  Lacy is
such a sweetheart, as is expected for a puppy born on Valentine's Day.She is settling in and doing
very well on her training.  She has been playful and healthy, and oh so cuddly.  We are totally in love
and her big brother likes her, too!Thank you so much!  Janet
Click on this link for more pictures of Lexie and to see how
cavaliers are so kid friendly!! After you click on the link
below, click on the "view album", then you can view the
slideshow. You don't have to create an account to view.
Ms. Martin

I just wanted to let you know that my puppy has
completely integrated into our lives.  She travels very
well and seems to love living on the boat while we are
here in Houston.  I've attached a picture of my smallest
granddaughter, Natalie and Izzy our puppy.  Who she
calls PupPup.  Natalie is always sticking her fingers in
Izzy's mouth and she has never hurt her.

Merri L.
Lexie in blue bonnets.. And she is
truely adorable!!
Hi Peggy,
It is hard to believe Maggie will be a year old in July.  We
have so enjoyed her.  She has become quite the talker
too.  She tries very hard to express herself and tell us
what she wants.  
She recently had a day at the doggie salon. When I
brought her home she chirped at me for a long time, so
I'm guessing she did not care for all the salon attention.
When my husband goes out of town and returns, she
chirps at him the same way.  It's like she is asking him
"where have you been".  She has been such a delightful
addition to our family and loved by all.
Hope you are doing well.  I always enjoy visiting your web
site and seeing the new pups.
Gayla C.

Just wanted to write to let you know how the puppies are
doing.  Because we purchased two litter mates (one of the
smartest decisions we’ve made in a long time), we really have
had an easy time.  They both slept well their first night and so
did we.  We love our puppies and really enjoy watching them
chase each other around and play together.  We have never
owned two litter mates before and really had no idea how
much easier everything would be not to mention it more than
doubles the sheer joy  .  

Thank you,

Sue and Robert Martin
Hi Peggy,
I sent you some pictures of the puppies. I hope that I didn't send you other pictures because I am a novice at this.
Bella and Benji are doing well. They are so bright and learn fast. They do have a time with leash training, so I think
they need some puppy classes. My vet gave them a clean bill of health. I had a time keeping them in the yard, but I
think that my son escaped proof the backyard. They love to go with me in the car and sleep well at night.
J. Lesley
Rowdy and Molly. My
daughters cavaliers.
Best Friends