This is Daniel... and his new puppy! It was love at
first SITE!!
This is Macy and as you can see she thinks she is a big dog like my golden retriever... She is such a great
dog. She is good with the grandchildren. she love to go out in the pasture and work the cows and goats
with papa. But the Bichon in her is good for me so she can just around in my lap..
I hope you are doing well and enjoyed a lovely Valentine's weekend. I just wanted to update you on my puppy and send you a few
pictures. After much debate because of too many options, I decided to name her Abbi. I think the name fits, but we are still trying to
convince her that Abbi is her name. She's getting along great with our other pets. She favors our Golden Retriever over the Jack Russel,
but she wants to be friends with everyone including the two baby goats. I don't think she's meet a stranger yet. Hope you enjoy seeing
the pictures. I'll try to send more as I take them.
Hope your day is a good one!
Hi Peggy,
Wanted to send an update on our puppy. On the way
home we decided to name him Snickers. We think
the name is a perfect fit.  He is doing great and is a
sweet little boy. He gets along great with our 2
huskies; I think he thinks he is the same size!! He
follows them everywhere, runs around in the
backyard with them and crawls all over them.
Here are some pictures we took this week.
Thanks for letting us bring this adorable, funny little
boy into our lives. We just love him to pieces. I will
continue to send pictures.
Donna and Mike M.
Thought I would share a couple of
pictures of Harriet and Callie.  They
are doing well, and definitely enjoy
each other's company.
Hope all is well,
Sorry it has taken me so long to
contact you and send you
pictures.  I have busy with kids
and dogs!  Lauren was so
surprised getting the puppy for her
16th birthday, and decided to
name her Scarlet.  She has been
such a wonderful addition to our
family.  Sadie absolutely loves her
and they are quite a team!  They
play together very well, and Sadie
is very protective of her.  Scarlet
turned 14 weeks on Sunday and is
doing great! She went to the vet
today for some more puppy shots
and weighed 8.5 pounds.  She is
very healthy and happy, and the
girls at the vet's office just love
her! Thanks again for another
wonderful puppy!  Scarlet is very
smart, gorgeous, and is doing
great potty training.
I will send some pictures in two
different emails. Thanks again for
everything and for making
Lauren's birthday one to
Deanne R.
Hi Peggy,

Just thought you may like to see How our new " Penny" is fitting in w/ Sally.

She's a handful but we love her.

Thanks again,

The McHugh's
Hi Sammy and Peggy,
Wanted to send you an update on our sweet
puppies.  At 6 months old, Max weighs 7 1/2
lbs and Daisy weighs 11 1/2 lbs.  Max has
earned the title of "Laid Back Max,"
although sometimes he is "Mad Max."  
Daisy is definitely "Crazy Daisy!"  They are
so much fun and we are so glad we got two.  
It would not be the same if we only had one.  
They are complete buddies.  Hope you
enjoy the photos.  Thank you for everything!!
Good morning Ms. Peggy,
I just wanted to thank you again for raising such a precious little mischievous angel.  I have named him
Samson and he’s doing wonderfully.  He and my Yorkie have become great play buddies with each other.  
His stomach settled down and we have not had any more troubles since Brady on the way home from your
house.  The trip back to College Station even went off without a single flaw.  
I have attached a picture I took of him last night sleeping on the sofa with me after play with Tucker.

Thanks again,

Thought you needed an update on
McCoy. We acquired him from you
around the 1st of June this year.
He is still adorable and sweet and
destructive, but we love him a bunch.
Had him fixed in August. He was
miserable in the bonnet, but we all
He has surprised us with his size.  He
has about grown into his big feet.  He
is approx. 23 inches long plus tail and
weighs in at 21 lbs.  Still built low to the
ground. Here are some pics. He is so
soft and cuddly for about 1 minute
then he is off to chew on something.
Good appetite and happy all the time.
We are so glad to have him in our lives.
Thanks again,
Nina B
Here is a recent pic of McCoy. Ain't he
the cutest you have ever seen. We
had to leave him for a week and I
missed him more than I can say.  He is
now my heart and soul as my last love
was.  I was stopping people on the
street telling them about McCoy.  We
have since had to get all his hair cut
off as he was burning up and not
sleeping. Now he sleeps like a baby.  
(and I get to sleep also, now).
Can't thank you enough for him.
Nina B.
Hi Peggy,
Layne and I came out last Friday and
picked up Barney.  We just wanted to
let you know that he is doing very well
in his new home.  He did get a little car
sick on the way back to Austin, but
he's been great ever since.  He has
slept through the nights, and has had
no accidents in the house!  He's
already made himself at home and
chases our cat around the house.  
Thanks for raising such a great pup!
Cindy M.
These are my two precious Cavachons
napping on our bed. We love our new
baby, Milly. She is wonderful. Thanks,
Lisa Wolff.
Hi Peggy, this is me in my "getting
ready to go night-night" position.
Hi Peggy,
Our Cavachon, Freckles, is doing great!  He will be one
year old on 2/21/12.  He has been a wonderful dog for
our family, as he's very people-friendly, but also a sweet
companion with other dogs.  Freckles loves his walks
around the neighborhood and playing with the kids in the
backyard.  He did beautifully at dog obedience training,
and does well at the vet and groomers.  We love our
Cavachon and can't imagine our family without him.  Here
is a picture of the kids with Freckles that was on our
Christmas card this year.  Thanks for all you do to
provide puppy happiness to everyone!
Dianne F.
Here is a picture of our "Maui".  He is
the sweetest, loving puppy.  Our whole
family loves him to pieces!

I'm so glad we met you that day last
minute...he has been a joy. Everyone
that meets him wants one too! ;)
Dear Peggy,
Finally photos of the most adorable dog ever, our little Baxter the cavachon. He was born October 30, 2010
and we picked him up from you two days before Christmas. You certainly chose the right puppy for our then
five year old daughter, Geneva.
We just love Baxter because he is so cute, smart and loyal. All of the children 'want' Geneva's Disney dog with
the curly white hair, fluffy tail and sweet disposition.
We highly recommend the cavachon for families with children. True to your word, my husband was originally
skeptical and thought the cavachon was a 'toy' breed but this is not true. Baxter is a fast runner, lots of
stamina, energy, playful and enjoys all family activities. He and my husband, Brian are now best buddies.
Many thanks to you for being an outstanding breeder and for all of your good advice.
V. Miller
Hi Peggy-
I can't believe it has been almost 2
years since Rosco joined my family.
He had his first trip to the beach in
May and loved it. I've attached a
couple of photos so you can see
how he has grown - all of 21 lbs! He
remains just as happy and
mischevious as he was when I first
got him.

Jo An Z.
Ruby Rose,
Tommie J.
Dear Peggy,
Thank you for speaking with me last night about getting another female Cavachon. Winnie, my daughter's
Cavachon, has been thriving in our home. She is truly a member of our family. That is why we want another "little
girl" from you. After our phone conversation, my wife and I decided to put a deposit down on the first female in the
litter that will be available 2 1/2 months from now (sometime in April) with a Bichon mother and a Cavalier father.
As we discussed, we are interested in a small, submissive female -- this personality type helps us with our
submission training and then later our obedience training. Our goal is to have a happy, healthy, and well-loved
new member of the family. Thank you for raising & nurturing puppies who are able to do just that. We will be
sending our deposit ($200) to you today.

Jim & Kristi L.

These are some of the sweetest and most knowledgeable clients I have ever dealt with, I was very pleased with
how much they knew about dogs beforehand and they will soon be returning to pick up a dog of their own.
Dear Peggy and Sammy,
Thank you for our beautiful and sweet
"Oscar". He is integrating into our
family (with three boys) like a missing
puzzle piece. House training is going
well, and he does not cry at night.
Your advice has been helpful, and he
is healthy and thriving. We simply love
Warm regards,
The Gonzalez family

Heres Oscar 11weeks old, after his
first  haircut. He is doing Great.
Click on picture for Bichon
Reference page
Click on picture for Cavalier Reference
Cavachons are a designer dog.  They are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a
Bichon cross.  They have very sweet dispositions and make great lap dogs.  They
possess the best traits of both breeds.
Cavachons recently got voted the #1 designer dog and are also very healthy dogs.
This is Annie,
helping out with
the laundry.

She is a female  
cavachon that we
have recently sold.
Annie helping out with the laundry.
This is Oscar
Sometimes we have special puppies and then comes along a very special loving person willing
to share their love with this special puppy.
Hi Peggy! This is Emily Evans. I picked up Missy, (the lazy eyed girl) from you on Friday! I
named her Missy because my mom kept calling her Missy prissy before we got her, we were
trying to think of names and she called her Missy prissy again and she perked up and the name
fit and stuck. We have had such an adventure already. Yesterday she went to the groomer,
they enjoyed her so much they gave her an extra bag of goodies. I have her picture from when I
picked her up Friday, her coming home with her bows yesterday, and after she decided they
had been on long enough yesterday evening. The other picture is of her asleep in my dads lap,
she didn't make it all the way in before falling asleep. The last picture is of her laying with my
parents lab Sadie, who has been so sweet with sharing everything. She has a puppy car seat
and rides so nicely in it! She hasn't messed inside at all so far and we got her the rabies and
kennel cough shot yesterday morning. She is a healthy 14.4 pounds. She doesn't like her crate
very much but is getting use to it little by little. Everyone in the family loves her so much and my
aunts and grandmother are wishing she was theirs. I think I got them hooked on the breed now.
Thank you again for allowing me to love Missy. She has always been such a joy.
Here is Missy with and with out her bows.
Missy enjoying time with Sadie and my dad.
Missy getting ready to relax and enjoy her bed.
This is Missy a female Cavachon, enjoying her new home
and new friend Sadie.
Meet Bebe & Callie. These two female
cavachons are sisters and they are enjoying
their new home.
Bebe & Callie
Baxter and Geneva enjoying each others company and new found friendship.
Iam always sorry to hear that a puppy had some trouble. We do the best we can to prevent any
and all kinds of illness to our puppies. We are ranchers and there fore we allow the puppies to
run around outside and enjoy play time. I am strongly against the stacked cages and sometimes
because we do allow the puppies to run around they may encounter an illness. This does not
mean that every puppy we have has a problem, and we do apologize.
Hi Peggy!

I finally have a moment to email you and let you know how thrilled we are with our new baby
girl Bailey!  She is extremely loving and has become attached to my four children in a very
short period of time.  She is also very smart!  She has quickly learned that "let's go potty"
means just that.  She quickly goes outside and does her business!  

My family has been blessed with a wonderful puppy!  Thank you for everything that you
have done to get her ready for delivery to us!  She is amazing:)  

The Schoch's

One side note:  Bailey did have a nasty ear infection that we needed to get meds for.  Our
vet also indicated that there were a few skin scabs that they were going to keep an eye on
just in case she has a skin infection.
You might want babies, he's gorgeous...still beautiful and amazing, glad
we got two.
It's a tough life for these guys...their names are Grace and Gunner- Karen
Grace and Gunner, enjoying the yard.
Dear Martin Family,                             8.6.14

Rosie is 8 months old. She certainly has helped me physically and emotionally as I have to
get up and do for her. She loves the outside, and fortunately she has a lot here on the
ranch to enjoy. She sleeps in my lap during the day and sleeps with me every night. I had
her fixed when she was 6 months old. I can still lift and carry her... so happy she's stayed
small. She keeps her nose to the ground and is quite a hunter.  I love her. Thanks, again.
Will keep you posted.

Hope all is well in Mason,
Freda Blackford
Meet Rosie