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Updated November 17, 2020
These are my beautiful granddaughters playing with cavachon puppies.
Hi Sammy and Peggy,
Wanted to send you an update on our sweet puppies.  At 6
months old, Max weighs 7 1/2 lbs and Daisy weighs 11 1/2 lbs.  
Max has earned the title of "Laid Back Max," although sometimes
he is "Mad Max."  Daisy is definitely "Crazy Daisy!"  They are so
much fun and we are so glad we got two.  It would not be the
same if we only had one.  They are complete buddies.  Hope you
enjoy the photos.  Thank you for everything!!
We health guarantee your puppy to your vet, if for any reason
if your vet doesn't feel this is a great healthy, happy puppy you
may return it for the full purchase price. A note from our vet
saying that your puppy is healthy.  Your puppy has had all but 1
of it's puppy shots, we send detailed health records for your vet.
Your puppy has been vet checked numerous times by my vet..

A Micro-Chip Enrollment form.  Your puppy has already been
micro-chipped, We give you the paperwork to over ride us in the
computer and it is extremely  important for you to send in your
paper work.

A bag of Chicken and Rice all natural blend puppy food is
sent home with your puppy. We strongly suggest you stay on an
all natural chicken and rice based food.

Some old toys and blankets. We recommend that you keep
the blankets and toys that have gone home with your puppy for
2-3 days and slowly introduce your puppy to new blankets and
toys. The reason that we give the old toys is because a puppy is
just like a child. You wouldn't send a child somewhere without
their blanket, toys. And with the puppy, them having an old toy
will help them to settle in and not be so stressed.
You will also receive a 3 page guide on puppy care
This is what you get with your new baby!
Cavalier King Charles +Bichon Frise=Cavachon  A
great breed of puppies that will make great dogs for people of all
ages and of all life styles. We have been raising them for over 3
years and we LOVE them!
Here are some pictures on how we suggest to successfully
potty train your dog. An exercise pen and a crate put
together make a wonderful temporary living environment
for your puppy while you are away at work.
just the crate for more than an hour. Attach the crate to
the pen using zip ties. Fill the crate with the puppies
blankets, toys, etc. Just outside the crate door, put the
food and water. We use a board to delineate between
"home" and "potty" area. This is the way the puppies
are raised starting at 4 weeks so they are already using
this set up. The puppy will go over the board to potty
so you can line that side of the pen with paper if you
would like. On pretty days, our puppies are put in a pen
that allows them to go in and out using a dog door.
Dog doors are by far the best way to house train your
puppies but they are not always feasible so the above
method will work as well. Just like a baby, it takes
patience and consistency. Although, we have started them
on the right path by using the methods above.
These are pictures of one of my
granddaughters training a puppy to come
using "puppy ice cream". All that is, is
natural flavored yogurt. The puppies love
it and it is very healthy for them. In a
study we did with the animal behavior
scientist at Texas A&M, they said that
puppies at 8 weeks old only can
comprehend reward or punishment for
something they did about 8 seconds
before or after it happened. Thats why
we love using the puppy yogurt because
its something they can taste very quick.
Anyone, including children can train
puppies. You just have to be very
persistent and always reward them for
good actions.
We are not handing you a trained puppy but
to your left and pictured below are pictures
of how we talk to puppies. We have found
that verbal signals are more effective when
using hand signals. Hand signals work better
and faster than just verbal commands. We
use the word AT opposed to the word NO
Most cavachons color will darken as they age.
Be sure to go to the bottom of the Potty Training page to read
very important information on why its best to potty train as we
They are doing excellent job
going to the potty on the
green turf.
We have beautiful fun cavachon
puppies for sale right now.
Males: $1200 + $87(sales tax*)
Females: $1500 + $108.75(sales
Below are some pictures of some cavachon puppies playing in
an 8 sided wire pen.
Please be sure to
read a few of the
e-mails below from
a couple of people
who love their
puppies. Thank

Can’t thank you enough for our wonderful new puppy,
Chip. He slept in my lap the whole drive home,
displayed perfect dog manners when he met our older
cavachon, Charlie. They are getting along famously
and Chip does everything Charlie does, very cute.  He
has taken easily potting outside and slept through the
night without a peep. I put some of the blankets you
gave me in his new bed, put the bed in the pen
between my cavachon and dachshund at the foot of
our bed, and everyone slept well!
So far, Chip is the perfect puppy! Thank for your
guidance in choosing him, I think the larger, more laid
back guy was a better fit for us.
Thanks a million and I will update you with pictures


Also, please pass along to your buyers - do not be
afraid of an older puppy - they are more confident, well
balanced and ready to learn. A much easier transition
for all!
Hi Peg, just an update on Charley. He breezed
through the 5 hour ride home with no
problem. Took him out once and he did NOT
like the leash and collar but still tolerated the
contraption and peed and pooped on the
grass like a"pro". Slept on Brian's lap for most
of the trip.
He loves our backyard and spent the early
evening exploring and sniffing. Then
bedtime... I was ready for a sleepless night.
BUT, I set up a soft bed for him with the
material you sent home with him, put his
peepee pad in the far corner, crossed my
fingers and I went to bed... He slept all night
without any whimpering or accidents. I
couldn't believe it. I know you've probably
heard it before, but this IS a perfect dog. You
did a wonderful job with our sweet Charley, he
is happy, mild-mannered, affectionate and
smart. Thank you sooo much.  

Affectionately, Jody & Brian Boest
* We are registered by the state of
Texas and go through regular
inspections. This is why we charge
a sales tax on our puppies.
Please be sure to go to our home page and click on the reference pictures.
There you can see more pictures of past puppies we have sold and read
the letters their families have sent us. Thank you!
    Our sweet Shilo continues to flourish. She eats well, is making progress
    with the house training and sleeps through the night better than any dog I
    have ever had. My husband enjoys romping with her in the evenings and
    we have nicknamed her the flash due to her speed! She enjoys meeting
    people, loves to fetch, is almost perfect with the command to sit and
    good to come on demand. We are delighted with how intelligent she is
    and we love her more every day. Everyone who meets her adores her
    and I think she could be a poster puppy for cavachons! I have included a
    couple of pictures as well. She is just shy of 5 pounds and will have her
    first professional grooming next week. Shilo has filled a hole in our hearts
    that we did not know we had.
    Charlene and Larry