November 17, 2020
This is what you get with your new baby!
Price per puppy $1200 +
$87 (sales tax*).
Here are some pictures on how we suggest to successfully
potty train your dog. An exercise pen and a crate put
together make a wonderful temporary living environment
for your puppy while you are away at work.
just the crate for more than an hour. Attach the crate to the
pen using zip ties. Fill the crate with the puppies blankets,
toys, etc. Just outside the crate door, put the food and
water. We use a board to delineate between "home" and
"potty" area. This is the way the puppies are raised
starting at 4 weeks so they are already using this set up.
The puppy will go over the board to potty so you can line
that side of the pen with paper if you would like. On pretty
days, our puppies are put in a pen that allows them to go in
and out using a dog door. Dog doors are by far the best
way to house train your puppies but they are not always
feasible so the above method will work as well. Just like a
baby, it takes patience and consistency. Although, we have
started them on the right path by using the methods above.  
This is a picture of one of my granddaughter
training a puppy to come using "puppy ice cream".
All that is, is natural flavored yogurt. The puppies
love it and it is very healthy for them. In a study
we did with the animal behavior scientist at
Texas A&M, they said that puppies 8 weeks
old can only comprehend reward or punishment
for something they did about 8 seconds before
or after it happened. Thats why we love using the
puppy yogurt, because its something they can taste
right away. Anyone, including children can
train puppies. You just have to be patient
and always reward them for good actions.
This is Uli,(pictured above) a junior
in high school who enjoys playing
football and bare back riding in the
rodeos. When he has free time, Uli
comes out and helps around the ranch.
As you can see these little bichons
enjoy the company of a cowboy!
Please note that according to AKC standards Bichons can be registered in 4
different colors  .Here is an example of the registration colors:
White...White & Apricot...White & Buff...White & Cream
Please note that according to AKC standards Bichons can be
registered in 4 different colors.
Here is an example of the registration colors:
White...White & Apricot...White & Buff...White & Cream
This is a male bichon that we sold in the past.
It is very rare that we are able to get a chance to
show a puppies perfect personality. This little male
bichon showed that he likes
to play, eat and sleep.
We use battery operated toys as a reflex testing
in determining which puppies will react with
startling, run away,
or calm reactions. This helps us, help you when
choosing a
puppy that will fit your family and way of living.
Pictured here is the male bichon enjoying his puppy
ice-cream after playing with toys.
Pictured below is a male bichon enjoying his nap time.
His life is all about playing, eating and sleeping.
Be sure to go to the bottom of the Potty Training
page to read very important information on why its
best to potty train as we describe.
Pictured below are my grand daughters playing with
some bichon puppies.
Be sure to read the last page on our Potty Training page
to get good results when potty training your puppy.
Pictured below is a male bichon that is sold. Playing with my granddaughter
Jessie. Bichons love kids! We do have any bichons for sale right now.
PLEASE check our reference page for more pictures from the past!
These are pictures of my granddaughter
who is now a Freshman in college and
her dog Prissy they won their local dog
show in 2002. (You could say I have
been doing this for a long time.)
Below are pictures of the bichon puppies we have had in the past... Males and
Females. Give us a call  for more information and to  reserve your next family puppy
* We are registered by the state of
Texas and go through regular
inspections. This is why we charge a
sales tax on our puppies.
Below are pictures of my granddaughters playing with puppies we
have had in the past. We see to it that the puppies get plenty of
"play-time" everyday.
  • In order for us to
    have cavachons, we
    cross a Bichon with a
    Cavalier. They are as
    lovable as a Bichon.
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