We are a family owned and run business.  We have been in the ranching business
for over 50 years in the Texas Hill Country.  Our parents, grandparents, etc. were
also ranchers. The Martin family was one of the first families to settle in the
Mason County area.  The family business sits on the property where Dad was born
and raised.  The barn used for whelping etc is the original barn his family used in
the Angora goat business for several years.  It might not be the prettiest thing you
have ever seen but it is clean and serves it's purpose!! You may visit the kennel.  
However, you can no longer tour the entire kennel (due to TDLR laws) but you can
stand in our visiting room and see the entire kennel.  
We have three children who were born and raised in the Hill Country.  We have
two daughters who live in Oklahoma. One works in finance and the other is a
Special Education Teacher. We also have a son who lives in Pleasanton and is a real
estate agent.   All the grandkids participate at one time or another in the business
as they spend time with Granny and Papa during the summer. Our grandson is our
website designer.  Most of the puppies we sell will be well suited for the entire
family.  However, we believe that
Bichons are great for the Grannies and Papas of
the world!!
This is really a Family Affair since we all have different kinds of dogs we raise.  
Sammy prefers the West Highland Terrier while I prefer the Bichons, Cavalier
King Charles, and Cavachons.  It is our opinion you can sell what you like
therefore, we have diversified our dogs into what we enjoy and love.
All of our adult dogs are raised in big pens (not cages) with access to food and
water 24 hours a day.  During the summer, all the dogs have a misting system over
their pens to help keep them cool and all the dogs inside the barn have fans and
water coolers.  We treat each and every one of our dogs like they are our children.  
We feel that one of the most important things we do is NOT putting a dog down
after it's breeding life is over.  We have a pen for our "old folks" where they live
and receive medical care until a natural death occurs.  
We do everything we can to insure the safety and health of our puppies and adult
dogs.  Our vet, Dr. Richard Cordes, visits the ranch bimonthly.  He vet checks all
of our puppies each time and checks on the adults as well.  
We are not just breeders, but people who love each and every one of our dogs.