Peggy Martin # 377 TDLR , I have been inspected by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  The
TDLR inspection included everything from cleanliness, room for animals (NO CAGES), and our Vet health
records. Our Vet checks all dogs and puppies on a regular basis. Our Vet health records were in great compliance
of the TDLR laws.  Our Vet does a wonderful job and we just love him dearly.  For more information regarding
our Vet please click on the link below. My kennel EXCEEDS the recommendations for the TDLR.   I have a
copy if you would like to see it.
Every year we are inspected by the TDLR .
Please be aware of who you are purchasing your new family member from.  All puppies should be vet checked,
received vaccinations to date, come with a health guarantee, have an AKC reunite microchip, and be socialized
before being purchased.  
Find out how WE ARE DIFFERENT by clicking here!!
Piper (above) was purchased
from us in the past.  Check out
our Reference Page for the letter
from her family.

We strive to do everything we can to provide you with a healthy, happy, well adjusted, highly socialized puppy.  
Every puppy in our kennel is picked up and played with at least twice a day by an adult (not including the time the
kids spend with each puppy).  Our puppies are raised in big pens under a unique system that makes our puppies
easy to house train if you follow our instructions.  When our puppies are six weeks old and weaned from their
mother, the puppies are placed in a large pen along with lots of toys and teddy bears and have a designated area on
green turf to do their bathroom business. (One of these green turf is sent home with each puppy). When weather
permitting the puppies are put in an indoor pen that has a doggy door which allows the puppies to go outside and
play. Our puppies are always put up in an indoor only pen before night time arrives. They are also introduced to
the reward system.  They receive a sweet treat, Dannon all natural yogurt, for doing what we request.  Since we
do spend 7 days a week with our puppies, we learn of their different personalities.  We "color code" each puppy
by it's personality.  We know which puppies are more aggressive or more laid back.  We also mark ones that roll
easy and settle down more quickly.  This helps us relate the personality of each puppy to his new parents and
family.  We are happy for you to come to the ranch to pick out your puppy.  Please be advised, due to maintaining
the good health of our puppies and adult dogs, our vet, Dr. Cordes, does not allow anyone in the kennel area, but
you are allowed to stand in front of the kennel where you will be able to see the entire kennel and that none of our
dogs are kept in stacked cages. Puppies will be brought out of the kennel area and available for viewing at our
guest house or in our home.  We also know the daily hustle and bustle of life.  We will be happy to meet you with
a puppy in Brady, Llano, Junction, and Fredericksburge free of charge.  Anything over that, we charge a nominal
fee. If more than one puppy is available, we will bring additional puppies with us for your choosing.
We fully support the Texas State new law of licensing kennels and breeders. We actively support the TDLR law
on animal cruelty prevention and the Sight-Unseen law. We are inspected annually and have met all requirements
to keep our license in good standing. The TDLR law works to prevent Breeders in committing animal cruelty such
as,stacked cages, no interaction with other animals, no physical exercise, poor living conditions which lead to
illness and social behavior disorders. The Sight-Unseen law makes it illegal for breeders to have a non-refundable
deposit. The Sight-Unseen law is nothing new to us and we have always complied with this law. If for any reason
you do not fall in love with one of our puppies we will happly refund your deposit. I also reserve the right to
refund your deposit if i don't feel this is a good situation. We want to return anyones deposit who doesn't fall in
love with one of our babies. We take special care of our babies and want to make sure they will have a happy
home once they leave us, therefore we do not do email.  We only reserve puppies after speaking to you on the
Please feel free to give us a call if you are interested in having one of our babies join your family.
Thanks. Peggy
Cavachons are a designer dog.  They are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon
cross.  They have very sweet dispositions and make great lap dogs.  They possess the
best traits of both breeds, they are also very healthy dogs.
Cavachons were recently voted the #1 designer dog.  
Puff (on the left) is nearly seven years old
and Pete (nearly three years old) is on the right
with our daughter, Olivia, in the middle. Both of
these wonderful pets came from your ranch and
we are so thankful for them! My daughter loves
them so much and they are SO good with her.  
They are very patient and love to play
with her.  Thank you again for enriching our lives
with these wonderful dogs!  We can't imagine our
lives without them.
Sincerely,K, K, and O Ashy  TX
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Peggy Martin
706 Martin Lane
Mason, TX 76856
License # 377
Dear Peggy and Sammy,
Thank you for our beautiful and sweet "Oscar". He is
integrating into our family (with three boys) like a missing
puzzle piece. House training is going well, and he does not
cry at night. Your advice has been helpful, and he is healthy
and thriving. We simply love him.
Warm regards,
The Gonzalez family